First project – Youtube video queuer

Hello, today I’ve set up the repository for my first project. It will be as ASP.NET MVC app, which will enable automatic queuing videos from subscribed channel to a desired playlist. The idea is quite simple, but it will enable me to learn how to use the Youtube API and check whether something more clever about this could be created.

Why this functionality?

I want to make this tool, so that I do not have to visit my subscriptions channel every other day to add videos to my watchlist. Youtube seems to provide functionality to automatically add videos to a playlist based on tag / description / title, but that does not enable me to add vidoes from my subscriptions automatically. So, I thought about creating a tool myself.

Why this technology?

I am very familiar with C# as a whole, as well as with web development. A web app gives me a pretty nice UI out of the box (so it’s better than a console app) and my aim is to learn more of web stuff.

I haven’t used ASP.NET Core, as Google API does not offer authentication for server yet (source).

As for the UI part, I won’t be using anything fancy as of now, just Razor pages with Bootstrap theme, which is out of the box in ASP.NET MVC template.

Progress tracking

This project is a part of submission for a contest Get Noticed! (Poles are targeted, so it is in Polish), so my project’s source has to be available on GitHub. Here is the link to the repository itself. As of writing this post, there is not much there, but it will change in time 😉

Any comments are welcome!


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