Youtube Queuer Update – 01.03.2017

Hello, today’s update is gonna be short. The reason is the fact, that last week I’ve finally assembled my new rig, so I was distracted by setting up the whole environment and testing it in play.

Changes summary

Because the aformentioned distraction, I’ve done a little coding. Nevertheless, the most important feature was implemented – now I can add all newest videos (released today) to a specified playlist. The “Watch later” list is not yet available for that process though, because it is a special playlist. I will focus now on this issue – whether it is possible to add this playlist also or not.

New insight

Recently, I was gifted with a Raspberry Pi 3 for my birthday 😀 It crossed my mind to make a small “server” out of it for video queuer, but that would require re-implementing the whole thing in one of the following environments:

  1. .NET Core – possibly the best solution, but when I was researching about a month ago, there was no authorization implemented yet in the Google.Apis NuGet packages
  2. Python / Node.js – Node appeals to me more, as I have more experience in JS than in Python, but it is still a whole new implementation.

Those are possibilities, but at the moment I am focusing on implementing the queuer in current (ASP.NET) environment and having myself a useful tool. After I finish it, I will think whether re-implementing is worth it.


The development of the project has a slow pace, butI am being systematic.

That’s it for now, see you next time!


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