Youtube Queuer Update – 09.03.2017

Hello there. Today I’m gonna give a quick update regarding the Youtube Queuer.

Finished issues

I added the “Watch later” list to the playlists list, which is a step towards the target of the project. Adding newest videos to it works correctly.
Also, I’ve ehanced the subscriptions fetching – now it fetches all the user’s subscriptions. Before that, it only loaded first 50 subscriptions, as this is the limit for one Youtube API call.

Started work

On side branch, I have added a tests project. I’ve chosen the NUnit framework for it, as I am the most familiar with it, so I am very comfortable with using it.

I am also working on saving user preferences – namely, to set which subscriptions should be excluded when adding videos to a chosen playlist.

Also, my friend Michał, suggested to try out Travis CI. I’ve also gave it a shot on the side branch, but as far as the integration goes, I currently have two issues:

  1. The .Web project has some problems during compilation. Travis uses Mono and compatibility table says that both MVC 4 and 5 are supported (without asyncs, but still). I have to look into it. It may be some problem with the .csproj file.
  2. I am not sure whether I can properly test classes, which utilize Youtube API. The problem is with authorization – to obtain access token, a user has to explicitly grant permission for the app, and even then, the token has a lifetime of an hour (default at least). There may be some way to overcome that, but that’s yet to investigate.

That’s it for now, see you next time!


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