My remote controlled rover

When I am not working on Youtube Queuer, I am constructing a remote controlled vehicle using Xbox 360 Controller, Arduino and Raspberry PI 3. Here are two photos:


I agree that it looks like some cables and powerbanks jumbled together, but still, it works! To be honest, this gives me much more satisfaction than the Youtube Queuer.


I’ve used Raspberry PI 3 (in the black case) to handle the Xbox 360 Controller input. It then sends outputs do Arduino which then interprets it and sets the engines’ rotation accordingly. For controlling the engines, I’ve used Pololu TB6612FNG. Power banks power both Arduino and PI. Chassis is DG012-SV.

The rest of parts: a prototyping and connecting cables.

Reason for building it

I enjoy building things every now and then. Even though constructing this vehicle involves a little coding, it still is very different from what I have to do for living. It is much less strict and there is also more room for fun.

Future improvements

As I’ve stated earlier, the construction is a little messy (and not very durable, cables are not attached strongly), so there is room for improvement in that matter. Also, there appears to be some problem with “reverse gear” when Raspberry PI is not connected a display. I need to investigate this, there is a chance I used a wrong pin for output in PI, but didn’t check it today, I’m gonna disassemble the construction when I have a little more time.

That’s it for today, see you next time!



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