Youtube Queuer update – 22.03.2017

Hello there.

Since last time, I’ve tried to setup the Youtube Queuer as a service, so then I could make the action of adding new videos to a playlist an automated, scheduled job. After doing some research, summarized in a GitHub issue, I’ve came to conclusion that I would give up trying to implement this in .NET. The reasons are in the mentioned issue, but I will summarise it here too:

  1. Running the app on IIS (not on IIS Express) is troublesome, as Google authorization process hangs on and does not redirect to the authorization page.
  2. I’ve tried to find a solution for running the ASP.NET MVC outside of IIS, but didn’t find anything that wouldn’t require some code rewrite.

As this being my side project, I don’t want to stress over it, so I decided that at the moment, it’s enough. I can one-click add videos to my watch later list and that was my point.

What next?

I am not abandoning the project though. I want to give a shot at implementing a more automated tool in JavaScript (most likely with a NodeJS backend). This solution gives me some benefits:

  1. It’s more portable – I can easily run such code outside of my machine, so it can a true automation as I don’t have my computer turned on all the time.
  2. I will sharpen my skills in JS programming, as I haven’t been in touch with it for some time.

So, for now the plan is simple: create a web page, which allows fetching user’s subscriptions and playlist. After that, I will create a back-end, which will store user’s settings about selected playlists and subscriptions.

That’s it for now. See you next time!


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