Implicit assumptions are bad.

Implicit assumptions made by a person or team, can cause smaller or bigger problems. I've sometimes encountered them myself. I was working on ASP.NET MVC app, which also utilized AngularJS (< 2.0). At the time, I was more knowledgeable in the ASP.NET field, so when dealing with AngularJS routing, I implicitly assumed, that the router … Continue reading Implicit assumptions are bad.

Youtube Queuer update – 16.04.2017

Hello there, as usual I am giving a small update about my project. This week I've implemented an important feature: adding videos to a selected playlist. As of now, all subscriptions are included, so the next step is to make it possible to choose which subscriptions to include. I've also tried to do some coding … Continue reading Youtube Queuer update – 16.04.2017

Youtube Queuer update – 09.04.2017

Hello. This week I've implemented a list of user's playlists in YoutubeQueuerJS. This is basically reimplementation of what I've done in the .NET app before. I have already started work on adding videos to a specified playlist. At the moment, the features are my main focus, but the look and feel will also be taken … Continue reading Youtube Queuer update – 09.04.2017

Google API authorization in Node.js

Hello, as mentioned in previous post I've recently started re-implementing Youtube Queuer functionality in JavaScript. Since I was starting from scratch essentially, the first thing I've taken care of was Google API authorization. Setup As title suggests, you should have Node.js installed on your machine. Next, go to an empty directory, where the project will be located. … Continue reading Google API authorization in Node.js

Software development is not engineering

When explaining some nuances of my job to a person outside of the IT world, I sometimes use analogies to house building, as this is a field, to which almost everyone can relate to. I've also heard other analogies, like for example car manufacturing. Those analogies may seem intuitive and appropriate, as computer science in … Continue reading Software development is not engineering

Why is it hard to think like your software’s user?

This week, I have stumbled upon book named 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, more precisely, the list of contributions to this book. I've read a few of them that had particularly interesting titles for me. I want to add my three cents to the issue touched in Ask "What Would the User Do?" (You Are not … Continue reading Why is it hard to think like your software’s user?

Youtube Queuer update – 22.03.2017

Hello there. Since last time, I've tried to setup the Youtube Queuer as a service, so then I could make the action of adding new videos to a playlist an automated, scheduled job. After doing some research, summarized in a GitHub issue, I've came to conclusion that I would give up trying to implement this in … Continue reading Youtube Queuer update – 22.03.2017

Youtube Queuer Update – 18.03.2017 – Travis CI with ASP.NET MVC

Hello there. Since last update, I have managed to setup the web project of Youtube Queuer to be correctly built on Travis CI. The issue to fix was simple - I had to change one of settings in build: Important part is the Debugging information setting - when set to None, the project builds correctly on … Continue reading Youtube Queuer Update – 18.03.2017 – Travis CI with ASP.NET MVC

Why communication in Software Development can be hard

Creating software usually involves quite some people, as there are important tasks to take care of: gathering requirements, validating them, writing the code, testing created softwate just to name a few. These different tasks create certain roles, each requiring different skillsets and thus, people who fill them in differ in background and lexicons they use. … Continue reading Why communication in Software Development can be hard